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Healthcare patient navigators provide a wide range of services to healthcare patients with one goal in mind: to be a source of expertise for a patient trying to navigate the twists and turns of the current healthcare system. As healthcare in this country continues to change and evolve, patient navigation is an increasingly important resource for patients trying to navigate healthcare and the healthcare system. 

In recent years, more and more patients are turning to private patient navigator advocates to help manage their healthcare journey. Patient navigators provide a range of services to patients that include finding and researching healthcare providers, helping patients purchase insurance, scheduling doctor appointments, observing patient visits, and so much more.

Once the patient enters treatment with their healthcare provider, the patient navigator can step in to assist with monitoring medications, understanding hospital charges and negotiating insurance claim denials, if necessary. 

The role of a healthcare patient navigator can change from patient to patient, and the types of services are always expanding. At times, it can require knowledge of a specific healthcare field, such as an oncology patient navigator. Or at other times, it might require expertise in a more general sense, such as a primary care navigator. As healthcare becomes more complicated, the versatility and experience that a healthcare patient navigator can provide become more and more valuable to patients trying to navigate their healthcare journey. 

Hospitals and healthcare providers are increasingly open to working with healthcare patient navigators. Both healthcare providers and healthcare patient navigators are all working toward the same goal – patient satisfaction. And this collaborative spirit is producing many benefits when it comes to more positive outcomes. 

Sometimes it’s as simple as knowing what questions to ask. We are here to help! 

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