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Information Management

Depending on the healthcare journey, a patient is likely to have a lot of information thrown at them by many different sources. Healthcare providers, insurance companies, internet searches and well-meaning friends may be inundating the patient with information and advice, oftentimes overwhelming the patient and confusing the situation. A patient navigator advocate is here to help navigate through all of the information and keep it organized and easily accessible. The less stress on the patient, the more equipped they will be to face the journey. 

Before the first visit with a healthcare professional, it is important to be prepared. Knowledge of the patient’s medical history, a full listing of current medications, current health conditions, an understanding of the current insurance policy, and how the patient will pay are just a few examples of information a patient will need before meeting with a healthcare professional. 

This is when a healthcare patient navigator can help prepare for the road ahead. Each journey is different, but here are some essential tasks that should be completed to help manage all of the information that will be required. 

  • Gather, organize and summarize the client’s medical history
  • Develop a list of current medications and health conditions, updatable by the client and family members
  • Produce a summary of a client’s issues to be taken to doctor’s appointments and shared with physicians on the care team
  • Organize medical payments and bills

Constant coordination with a patient’s healthcare provider is crucial during all stages of the healthcare journey. Coordinating and managing all of the information will allow the patient to focus on what really matters – getting the best healthcare. 

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