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Communication & Planning

Communication is vital and ensures that all members of the patient’s healthcare team are on the same page. In order to have effective communication with the entire healthcare team, it is important to speak the language of a patient’s healthcare providers. 

But effective communication and planning also go beyond just speaking their language. It also involves helping the patient understand what the healthcare team is telling them, as well as making sure the healthcare team understands the patient and what they are saying. An effective healthcare patient navigator can bridge that gap and keep an open line of communication to ensure a strong plan and path moving forward. 

Once those conversations have been had, it’s also keeping detailed notes and guiding a patient through any decision-making process that invariably comes up during a healthcare journey. Each journey is different, but here a just a few of the areas a dedicated healthcare patient navigator can provide: 

  • Assist in preparing for a client’s doctor’s appointments, including developing a list of the client’s questions and concerns
  • Accompany clients and family members to medical appointments
  • Facilitate communications between clients and medical providers, including family meetings in order to ensure support and clarity for clients and family members
  • Work with clients and families to understand and complete advance directives
  • Facilitate informed decision-making of clients and connecting the patient and family to resources and support as needed
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