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Too often, when faced with a new healthcare challenge, not knowing where to begin is the first obstacle to overcome. Figuring out what questions to ask can seem overwhelming. And gaining a full understanding of the diagnosis and its impact on a patient’s health can be daunting. The first step is often the hardest, but gaining a full understanding of the diagnosis is critical to charting a path with a patient’s healthcare team. 

Researching the diagnosis and becoming an expert is a critical first step. A patient navigation professional is here to provide the guidance and list of resources to get started. Oftentimes, there are resources available outside of the knowledge of a patient’s healthcare provider that a private patient navigator can utilize for an optimal healthcare journey. 

Medical research will also be a part of the overall research process. Pathway Patient Navigation’s experience and knowledge of the resources available will help the patient gain a clear understanding of the diagnosis to help make informed decisions. 

As part of the process, Pathway Patient Navigation will provide research and sourcing for:

  • Providers
  • Facilities
  • Diagnoses, test and treatment options
  • Clinical trials
  • Insurance benefits
  • Second opinions
  • Disease management for chronic conditions

The process begins with an initial consultation and research plan. This may involve contacting experts and other healthcare providers on the patient’s behalf. Access to peer-reviewed medical journals and publications will continue the diagnosis education to ensure all of the patient’s questions are answered and to identify which questions are important to address. 

The healthcare patient navigator provides a detailed understanding of the diagnosis and a clear personalized action plan based on key research findings and the thorough input of the entire healthcare team.

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