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the Healthcare Journey

A medical diagnosis can be overwhelming and the healthcare system can be daunting

But a patient does not have to do it alone

Pathway Patient Navigation is here to help patients navigate their healthcare journey

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The Role of the Patient Advocate
Facing a health diagnosis can be difficult. It is important to have somebody with experience to help navigate a patient’s journey through the complicated healthcare system. A patient advocate can: 

  • Find the right care and the right healthcare provider 
  • Be prepared when a patient goes to speak with the doctor
  • Mobilize a patient’s personal support and healthcare resources 
  • Reach out to community resources on a patient’s behalf 
  • Know what appointments a patient will need to make and how to prepare for each
  • Understand a patient’s health insurance policy and coverage

The patient advocate’s role is to help provide information and facilitate communications in order to navigate the healthcare system. Patient advocates do not provide medical services or provide financial, legal or medical advice and do not substitute for medical, legal or other professional care. Advocates are not responsible for a patient’s medical decisions or the outcome of his or her medical decisions. All medical decisions are made by the patient and/or healthcare proxy in consultation with the patient’s medical providers.

If you believe that you are having a medical emergency, please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.

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